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Joe Wattson

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How to Tackle Heartburn During Pregnancy

By Joe Wattson at 2012-03-14 16:30:44
Heartburn is very common during pregnancy. Your body goes through lot of changes before and after the childbirth. A lot of hormones release and the bodily systems function differently. Heartburn is a result of reflux of stomach acids into the esophagus. It is also known by the name of acid indigestion. Heartburn is characterized by burning sensation in the esophagus that can go up to neck and even jaw. Nearly half of all pregnant women report severe heartburn.

Heartburn during pregnancy can be treated with some lifestyle modifications. Here are a few methods that can help tackle heartburn during pregnancy.

Do not gobble your food. Instead, eat slowly and in smaller bites. Chew your food properly.

Instead of eating three large meals in one day, eat 6 smaller meals through the day. Eating smaller meals at different times makes sure that your stomach is never completely full or empty. It also increases metabolism and aids in digestion. Eat nutritious, whenever you do.

Refrain from spicy, fried, and rich foods. Foods from the market should be avoided, as they are mostly fried and rich in spices; these foods cause heartburn. During pregnancy, cook food that is low in spices and oil.

Consume as much water as possible through the day, but make sure you drink less while you eat. Drink water only after couple of hours of eating. Drinking large quantities of water while eating can increase the risk of acid reflux, resulting in heartburn.

Never lie down immediately after having your meals. Move here and there, and let your food settle in the stomach. Have a walk after your meals.

Whenever on bed during pregnancy, to prevent heartburn, make sure you keep your head higher than rest of the body. The chest and head part should be at higher levels as compared to hips and feet. You can keep pillows under your head and shoulders. It prevents acid to reflux into the esophagus, reducing the chances of heartburn.

Only eat medicines that are safe to consume during pregnancy. Generally, liquid heartburn relievers are more effective as they coat up the esophagus, but it is highly essential to get an “okay” from your healthcare provider regarding the medicine you consume.

Do not wear tight clothes during pregnancy, as these tend to increase the pressure on your abdomen and stomach, leading to heartburn. Instead, wear loosely-fitting clothes.
Read about Heartburn During Pregnancy.

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